Photobooths for Marketing Purposes

Throwing a company party or unveiling a new product and would like your Photo Booth to fit the brand? NO WORRIES!

You have the ability to customize the photo strips to your event; including names, monogram, company logo, event date, and layout as well as the backdrop used in our booths. Since our booths are beautiful, white powder coated and made of metal, we can also have a custom vinyl wrap done to them to ensure they fit your brand or image you desire!

All of our booths can be packaged with Pic Pic Social, one of the best social media apps for photo booths!

PicPic Social is the perfect application for companies looking to advertise themselves or their clients online through social media, e-mail and text messaging. Our software allows your guests to share event photos that can include branded messages right from the event to social media networks such Facebook & Twitter, giving you or your clients business visibility and exposure to the friends and followers of the user who has posted their image online.

Advanced features of our software include data capture and e-mail auto responders. When enabled, data capture will gather e-mails, names, date of births, and other information from your users as they post their image online. This data can later be used by your company or your client to market their business to these event guests.

The auto responder feature helps you automatically build an e-mail list as users post their images online. The users e-mail is automatically added to your MailChimp account where they can be sent a series of automatic e-mails that prompt the users to visit a particular site, offer coupons, discounts or information on your product or service.